Winnie The Pooh Aztec Quote - tr3 for Iphone 6 and Iphone 6s Case

Winnie The Pooh Aztec Quote - tr3 for Iphone 6 and Iphone 6s Case

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Apr, 21 2018

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Cool Stylish, Durable and clear image become one on our cases, that protects your valuable smartphone from scratches. Our cases excellences are : 1) Clear image and won't fade away easily that you will be proud to show off. 2) Made from high quality materials both durable polycarbonate plastic or finest flexible silicon rubber. 3) Easy access to all ports, control sensors easily, and very comfortable to carry. 4) Best quality cases in affordable price ... Feel free to E-mail us if you want to aks about customization, our customization is without any additional charge. Made in California, USA with 5 days handling time for perfection both beauty and function. Fast Delivery shipping to all USA address. WE OFFER 14 DAYS GUARANTEE OF REPLACEMENT OR REFUND ONLY FOR DEFECTIVED PRINT OR MATERIAL MADE BY US. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY EXCHANGE REQUEST FOR TYPE OR MATERIAL THAT WAS MISTAKENLY CHOSEN BY BUYER, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ORDER DETAILS AND SHIPPING ADDRESS WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT. Thank you