Instant Weather Forecasting: You Can Predict the Weather

Instant Weather Forecasting: You Can Predict the Weather

Ratings : 4/5 from 1290 reviews
Publisher : Adlard Coles
ISBN : 147292973X
Release Date : Sep, 13 2016

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Apr, 23 2018

Product Description

Instant Weather Forecasting has been a perennial bestseller since it was first published nearly 50 years ago. A brilliant concept, its winning formula of 24 clear color photographs of cloud formations and their accompanying explanatory text enables the reader to read the sky, pick up the clues, and predict what the weather will do.

This revised and updated 5th edition takes into account the new ways users can receive professional weather forecasts, factor them into their own cloud observations, and develop an even better understanding of how the weather will change.

This bestselling gem of a book will continue to be invaluable to anyone participating in outdoor activities, from farming, gardening, and walking to riding, golfing, flying, sailing, fishing--and of course holidaymakers.